Spering Festival

Happy New Year!
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2016 Fengxian District High Performance incubation activities entered the Shanghai Fuji Elevator

In the May 26, 2016 Shanghai Fengxian District High Performance incubating companies gathered in Shanghai Fuji Elevator attend excellent performance management business incubator speaks tenth special […]
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Inheritance of ingenuity wonderful life

Shanghai Fuji in the 2016 China International Elevator Exhibition brilliant bloom During May 10 to 13, 2016 the four-day China International Elevator Exhibition ended successfully, Shanghai Fuji […]
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On the second day Shanghai Fuji bring the new life elevator to the Elevator Exhibition

Subversive imagination! To create a better life of the elevator China International Elevator Exhibition on the second day, Shanghai Fuji Pavilion still popular unabated, the theme […]
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Shanghai Fuji China International Elevator Exhibition on the first day

Let the real craftsman tell you what is the spirit of the craftsman May 10, 2016 China International Elevator Exhibition in Shanghai National Convention Center grand […]
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Inheritance and innovation of the perfect presentation of Shanghai Fuji will be red moving elevator Exhibition

Shanghai Fuji elevator look forward to your arrival!

Tribute to every worker Happy Labor Day


“Civilized passenger ladder, a better life” – the general public to promote public welfare activities in Shanghai Fuji security, Qi points praise

On 20 April 2016 and the safety of Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd. Shanghai passenger ladder publicity volunteer activities in, Huangpu District, Shanghai City Jintian business building […]

Boarding civilization, Shanghai Fuji safe boarding promote its official start in China

In April 14, 2016, Shanghai Fuji safe boarding promote its Chinese line startup ceremony was held at the conference room in Shanghai, Shanghai Fuji very honored […]

Shanghai elevator industry association held the four session of the fifth general assembly

In February 27, 2014 in Shanghai Elevator Industry Association held the Fifth annual 2014 Fourth General Assembly and  2013 Shanghai elevator installation Maintenance Skills Competition closing […]