Conceptual Description


What is life elevator?

Humanized carefully to build the life elevator

Shanghai Fuji Elevator living not only to meet the full functionality required for boarding, but also to go beyond industry standards to create a user-friendly details for passengers supremacy convenient, comfortable and intimate care.

Q: What is life elevator?
A: Based on twenty years of elevator manufacturing experience and technology research and development, Shanghai Fuji Elevator first life elevator, taking into account the elevators, life and human interaction experience beyond the industry standard of human design and details of the deal to build the  lifee levator.

Q: Shanghai Fuji how to build the life  elevator?
A: For example, our research found that life lift station button is the most frequent operation button, and the visually impaired elderly people often choose for a long time, so we will optimize the operation panel, the base station using a large long jog button for easy vision poor’s quick select the destination layer.

Q: what is the specific aspects of the life  elevator?
A: In addition to the large base strip buttons, we have developed an initial delay closing inside and outside the church, jiaoding fresh air system, Roll folding armrest short, professional non-slip floor, other new feature set, the future the life  elevator will  have more details function, so as to add more people’s lives travelers humanity and life charm.

Internet of things technology

Using the Internet of things technology, to achieve remote monitoring, automatic alarm, remote control, diagnosis and maintenance, and other functions.

Internal and external call delay closing

When the internal and external call button is pressed than 2 seconds, the elevator will be extended to stop the time after the opening and closing time.

Great base long jog button

Easily identifiable base stations simultaneously touch of a button you can get a response, to facilitate efficient and convenient carrying visually impaired persons.

Professional non-slip floor

Floor with rubber material,can improve the overall non-slip performance, to avoid the security risks caused by rain or water..

Car ventilation system

Cab with integrated ceiling ,at the top of the fancan wind blown directly into the car, quickly remove a variety of odors inside the car.

High standard lighting system

Using life elevator special LED lighting system, make color temperature control more reasonable, the car warm and bright,can effect the most comfortable results to human eyes.

Intimate and convenient short arm

Do not occupy the car space ,at the same time can provide a convenient, safe and caring for the elderly, children and the action inconvenience.

Car wall foaming technology

The car wall, using the latest foam padding technology to make the life elevator running more quiet and comfortable .