About Shanghai Fuji Elevator Co.,Ltd.


China elevator industry's pioneers and experts

Established in 1992, Shanghai Fuji Elevator is not only one of Chinese elevator industry pioneers, practitioners, innovators, but also one of the earliest national elevator brands. the company owns elevator manufacturing, installation, modernization, maintenance A-class qualification. She’s been focusing on elevator services for 26 years, and made remarkable achievements during the past decades. In 1993, we successfully developed China’s first hollowed guide rail. On May 2001, the company successfully won the largest contract in the country, say, project of 203 high-quality residential elevators for Henan Anyang Administrative community. On January 2018, our company won the award of best service brand elevator for National government procurement, being awarded ‘Shanghai famous brand’ for three consecutive years.

Shanghai Fuji Elevator is the pioneer of Chinese life Elevator, she puts her heart into focused, refined, sophisticated of, which represents soul of Shanghai industrial spirit. In the inheritance and innovation in the continuous vitality. In research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance, modernization and elevator adding for old buildings, Shanghai Fuji elevator is on the basis of craftsmen, demanding perfection, keep improving, achievement customers the best service, because each elevator is our sincerity to work for life, each elevator is poured originality level of quality.

Shanghai Fuji Elevator Production Base locates in Shanghai Pudong with very convenient transportation of air, land and sea. The company now has two modern intelligent manufacturing base vertical of elevators and escalators. The new research and Development Center building will be completed by the end of 2018. Relying on the comprehensive advantages of Shanghai international metropolis, Shanghai Fuji elevator has built a competitive advantage by virtue of its advanced management awareness and management mode, continuous iterative innovation and branding operation. To improve the management efficiency of the information platform, to serve the strategy to promote the upgrading of the industry, we committed to becoming an excellent global construction transportation solutions provider, and dedicate comfort, intelligence, safe, friendly elevators to life of urban city.