Other Products Series

Business elevator

Shanghai Fuji Business Elevator Series adopts most advanced frequency inverter drive and total computer control technology, fuse with data network modular management, achieves elevator’s efficient operation and provides special carrier solutions for different places including hotel,restaurant, office building,commercial and residential building, entertainment center.

Hospital elevator

Shanghai Fuji Hospital Elevator sufficiently pays attention on the using demands of medical treatment. In the product design, it highlights humanized care and makes best efforts for medical personnel’s rescue. In terms of the car decoration, it sufficiently optimizes car structure so as to create comfortable and clean space for passenger.

Sightseeing elevator

Shanghai Fuji Sightseeing Elevator adopts unique car design, achieve best sightseeing visual impression, makes limited elevator space gain limitless expanding. Make sure safety and take full view.

Villa elevator

Shanghai Fuji Villa Elevator inherits the world-top techniques and classic design concepts, providing a convenient and easy life style as well as adding such beauty of elegance, nobility and artsy to your residence.

Freight Elevator

Shanghai Fuji machine room treight elevator/ non-machine room treight elevator has advantages such as big space, high hardness, long life and safety and reliability, which can achieve high-amount, high-weight and high-efficiency carrying and serve large shopping mall, factory and warehouse.

Car elevator

Shanghai Fuji Car Elevator creates passengers safest vehicle space conveyance means. Humanized design on protecting screen, double operation board and arrival display system makes people and car feel safe and dignity all the time. III is suitable for vehicle 4S shop, roof parking lot in shopping mall and maintenance shop.