Placid wonderful living extraordinary

Life is not always true passion, but peace of mind and comfort among the smooth, easy care and enjoy being, Shanghai Fuji Elevator in heritage-quality and highly humane build philosophy, to provide passengers with the most suitable for living necessities of life elevator products..

A new generation of gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine

Gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine, international advanced design and lean manufacturing standards, so that the overall performance has been greatly improved, providing a steady stream of strong momentum for the elevator drive, always safe, efficient, energy-saving.

Microcomputer control system

To ensure the reliable transmission of large amounts of data with high speed and remote distance using CANbus serial communication; advanced fault self diagnosis and recording function, data security to keep control; high precision car displacement detection technology, achieve almost zero for zero leveling accuracy;

New generation door machine system

Using variable frequency closed loop control technology, high precision, good reliability; 32 bit DSP processor, control, more computing power; control of MCU and DSP driven by way of a communication protocol, mutual monitoring to ensure program always reliable operation;

Living to create a safe, comfortable, environmentally-friendly riding experience

In thousands of parts and components selecting elevator security components, thoughtful Hinayana each line to ring, filaments and strict completion of the seam with the optimal operation of the elevator. Shanghai Fuji life elevator three major security components, in the life of the small details of the design into the details, multiple security protection, a full range of life to show the way of life in Shanghai elevator safety.


Using oil and gas separation technology, excellent cushioning performance consistency; Appearance electrophoretic paint treatment, the environment and adaptable;

Governor and safety gear

Using high performance down the line the governor overspeed detection with advanced safety gear. Safety gear wedge block laser phase transformation hardening treatment, surface hardness HV700, high and low coefficient of friction conditions consistent, well-designed structure to ensure the safety gear action to minimize the damage to the rail.

Energy regeneration technology make the building excellent

Shanghai Fuji Elevator leading international renewable energy technologies, under the original state of the elevator brake consumed in the braking resistor energy by means of renewable energy into green renewable energy, non-polluting power back to the same system of other electrical equipment , thus greatly reducing building energy loss and consumption, green.